Baking Instructions

Baking Instructions for Convection Oven:
290-325 F
1oz cookie – bake 8-10 min
2oz cookie – bake 12-14 min
3oz cookie – bake 14-16 min


Baking Instructions for Conventional Oven:
325-375 F
1oz cookie – bake 10-12 min
2oz cookie – bake 13-15 min
3oz cookie – bake 16-18 min

Remove cookies from the oven when they are light brown around the edges and puffy in the middle.  Cookies will appear slightly underdone.  The cookies will continue to bake on the pan after they are removed from the oven. Leave cookies on the pan until you can touch the baking pan with your bare hand before removing.  WATCH YOUR COOKIES CLOSELY AND USE A TIMER!

Note:  If cookies are accidentally over-baked, immediately pull the pan liner and cookies off the baking pan to stop baking process.  Cookies can become over-baked in a matter of seconds.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO OVER-BAKE!  Every oven is different.  You must find what the optimal temperature and baking time is for your oven.

IMPORTANT – Baking times may vary due to a number of factors such as

1) Wrong oven temp – regularly use a reliable thermometer to check accuracy of ovens temperature

2) Oven load – the fewer trays, the faster cookies will bake

3) Uneven or inconsistent oven temp – turning trays half way through baking process will help over come “hot spots” in your oven.



All frozen dough has a shelf-life of 1 year from production date.  Keep dough frozen if possible.  Baked cookies should be stored wrapped up or put in airtight container.