Q: How can I help ensure my package is delivered on time?  What days do you ship?

A: Please give your gift 10 days time to arrive.  Remember we are baking and shipping the same day, however, we cannot control the package once it leaves our facility.  We will provide you with a tracking number so you can track the shipping progress.  We ship on Monday-Wednesday - our items are perishable and we do not want them sitting in a shipping warehouse over the weekend.

A.  Provide a FULL and ACCURATE mailing address.  Be sure you are proving the entire address.  We need suite and apartment numbers, zip codes, floor numbers, etc.  Please make an effort to verify your information to make sure there has not been any changes to this information.  We are unable to refund cost for failure to deliver due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

A.  Holiday order deliveries are at the mercy of UPS, FEDEX and USPS and with perishable items we cannot control packages once they leave our facility.  Please leave plenty of time for your package to arrive and consider the travel/holiday plans of the recipient(s) in the even they are out of town or unable to sign for packages. 


Q: Do we make substitutions?

A:  We reserve the right to substitute items when necessary with items of equal or greater value.  Should this be necessary, we will make an attempt to notify you by phone or email.



Q: Refunds or Cancellations

A: In the event you need to cancel an order, please call.  DO NOT rely on email especially during the Christmas season.  Orders already in production may not be cancelled.  Perishable food products cannot be resold or returned.


Q: Need to place Multiple Orders?




Q: Can't add information for the Receiver (person receiving gift)

A: At this time we are only able to accept orders for one mailing address.  We understand that if you have 2 or more people you wish to send a gift, this will require ordering 2 or more times.  

A:  If you have more than 5 mailing address, you are welcome to call us at 843-808-8755 to place your order in person.  Or fax your order to 888-825-8766.

A:  In the Shipping Options section there is a check mark next to Shipping Address same as Billing.  Put your mouse on the check mark and click your mouse - the fields will appear to input receiver information.